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Mobile buildings

Mobile buildings such as mobile homes, park homes, site offices, classrooms, kitchens, clinics, dormitories, ablutions and other mobile buildings and park homes are custom manufactured to suit your specific needs, providing you with fast accommodation space when you want it.

Mobile buildings are manufactured by installing insulated sandwich wall panels onto a steel chassis. Insulated IBR roof panels are then securely attached to the wall panels to make your mobile building weather proof.

Mobile buildings constructed from insulated sandwich panels

Mobihome mobile units are constructed with tongue and grooved insulated sandwich panels with a core of either fire retardent virgin grade polystyrene or polyurethane. The insulation is clad on both sides with chromodek sheet metal.

Mobile buildings in kit form

Mobile buildings can also be supplied in kit form as flat packs, saving you money on transport where you require several mobile units to be delivered to the same remote sites.

Mobile buildings versus modular prefab buildings

Mobile buildings are factory manufactured on a steel chassis and transported to site either as a complete single wide mobile building or in 2 slices as a double wide mobile unit or in multiple slices. These slices are quickly joined together on site, creating a complete building. This saves you time and money as you have fast accommodation space with little or no site preparation. Mobile buildings are easily transportable and relocatable to other sites.

Prefabricated modular buildings, on the other hand, are delivered to site as flat packs and erected on a concrete base. Prefabs are easily dismantled and re-installed on other sites when required.

Standard features and options
  • Insulated partition walls and doors

  • Levelling jacks with concrete pads

  • Aluminium windows with or without burglar proofing

  • Security doors

  • Blinds

  • Cupboards

  • Air-conditioners

  • Vinyl flooring or carpet tiles

  • Kitchen units, stove and sink

  • Shower, bath, toilet, wash basin

  • Geyser

  • Distribution board, plugs and light fittings

  • Many other options for your mobile buildings

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Mobile buildings

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